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The 1000 + Club

Started by Geekyfanboy, October 26, 2006, 11:41:19 AM

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*Hordes of screaming cheerleaders in short skirts jumping around*
"We love you Meds. Ra ra ra, we're going to smash the oiks".
Big love to you matey. You are my favourite brummie type bloke thingy.
You could learn something from Mr Spock Doctor..... Stop thinking with your glands"


Hoorah Tim, Hoorah. :-)


I thought I would bump up this old post to commemorate my 1000th post here at my favorite forum in the world.  Looking at folks here with 4000, 8000, 15k+ posts, 1000 may not seem like much in comparison.  But believe me, for a relatively quiet person like myself that doesn't in general have a whole lot to say about much of anything, I look back at 1000 posts as something of an accomplishment.

I've never really said it before, but the fact is, over the fifteen years or so that I've been plugged in to the internet, I've joined quite a number of forums.  Those accounts come and go, usually languishing in disuse after a few days or so.  Only Treks In Sci fi captured my attention, and left me wanting and needing to check in every day.  Days I can't take a look and see what you guys are up to and talking about are days that I truly feel like something is missing. 

There's two reasons for this:  one is Rico.  Ric, your dedication to this site and the podcast has been an inspiration and has truly added something important to my life.  Your focus on the community and family here is what makes the site so special, and different than every other Trek or Sci Fi specialty website out there.  From the day you did your first "fan focus" interview with me way back in the early days of the podcast, I knew there was something unique about this place.  Thank you so much for everything you do every day.

The second reason is all the forum regulars.  I won't name names for fear of leaving anyone out...but just know that this group of people is something special.  A bunch of disparate personalities from all walks of life, brought together by a love of fantasy and science fiction, that all get together to reminisce, dream, critique, chat, joke, laugh, and cry.  In a world where people are so freaking cynical, and so mean to each other, this place has become a haven.  So thanks to all of you as well. 

I don't mean to be so corny, but just wanted to express how much y'all mean to me.  thanks.
"I'm not crazy about reality, but it's still the only place to get a decent meal."  -Groucho Marx


Congrats Joby! I'm a little over half way there myself! :)


Jobey, I feel the same way.   CONGRATS MY FRIEND!

How awesome.

I have been and always will be, your friend.
Listen to our podcast each week http://www.takehimwithyou.com


Great job Joby.. You can be corny as much as you want.. we're all family here.. we don't mind :)


Very nice post Joby and welcome to the big leagues!  ;)


What he said :)

It's a nice place to spend time isn't it. Congratulations on the 4 digit total!

I know it's unnusual here but I don't have a podcast of my own.


This is my 1000th post!!! I feel so accomplished now!



I have been and always will be, your friend.
Listen to our podcast each week http://www.takehimwithyou.com



Awesome!  Welcome to the top of the heap!


YAYAYAYAY!!! :cheering


I do love being part of this geeky family. Thanks all.