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"Arrow" - CW TV series

Started by Rico, May 17, 2012, 08:53:43 AM

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Loved the last two episodes featuring the Huntress.  Awesome stuff!  Definitely my favorite new series this year.


Watched the Episode "Year's End" on Friday to get ready for the return on Arrow on Wed. I'm looking foward to the 2nd half of the season. And I agree with Rico about those 2 Huntress episodes. They were both very good. I also enjoyed seeing Deathstoke again in "Year's End".


I'm pretty intrigued by the show so far, [spoiler]love Captain Jack Harkness being the bad archer. Too bad he can't die. Interested to see how the island is linked to what is going on with the mother's stuff.9/spoiler]
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I'm cooling off a bit but still watching. The drama with sis and mom is pretty boring, and the procedural nature of the show is starting to wear thin.  Also not so enamored of the flashback conceit still going on 12-13 episodes in.  Are they going to keep that up for the whole series?  Finally, step dad is kidnapped and still Green Arrow isn't focusing all his investigations on finding him?  I still have high hopes but honestly I'm starting to get bored with this show.
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I'm still really enjoying the show.  I will agree that it does seem odd that Oliver isn't searching for step-dad - yet.  But with what happened at the end of the most recent episode I think that might change - maybe.  But I just like the vibe of the show and especially the rapport between Diggle and Oliver.


[spoiler]I think the reason he wasn't looking for his step dad is that he didn't know the man was kidnapped. This happened only a few days after he returned from abruptly leaving his wife and not telling her where he was going. Couple that to the whole list thing and it's not hard to see why he's not placed priority on stepdad.[/spoiler]


True.  I find it sometimes tricky to estimate the passage of time on some TV shows.


"Arrow" has been given an early renewal for a second season already by the CW! 
Also coming back next fall will also be "The Vampire Diaries" (which is still good), as well as "Supernatural."



Still enjoying the show, glad they are giving it a chance to develop by commissioning another season.


Another new episode tonight (2/27).  Looks cool - Deadshot is back!



This season the show has gotten better and better, glad it's coming back.
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Agreed.  Did you see the last episode?  I like....

[spoiler]The fact that now a few people know who Oli really is.  Having his friend Tommy know makes sense since he is running the club over the "Arrow-cave."  Some really cool stuff and I'm enjoying the island flashback info too.[/spoiler]


I'm a little behind again on this show. Just watched Vertigo last night. Good episode. I also go to IMDB to rate the episode and they sometimes have info about where the characters come from in the comics. Pretty interesting how they change it around to fit a tv show.