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Just finished rewatching DS9..

Started by Roddenberry, May 07, 2012, 01:03:01 PM

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And I must say that I was left feeling a little disappointed with the final season. Not the content actually contained in the season, but the feeling that a lot had been cut out. Felt to me like we had a good 4-5 hours of story omitted for the time constraints of TV. 

Still a great series overall and now on to Voyager.


Dunno, can't say I really agree. I wasn't a huge fan of how the last episode played out but I feel like DS9 gave us the most complete story arc of any Trek in addition to the most complex characters.


It feels rushed in places and certain issues are resolved without enough resolution for me or just resolved for the sake of it, Rom as Grand Nagus for example.

No issues with the series as a whole, including series/season 7, just that it feels undertold, like it's missing something. This is something that didn't hit me when I watched it on TV, but the convenience of dvd has brought this to my attention.

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I'm on Season 4 of a DS9 rewatch; Season 3 ENT is currently re-running in my area( Japan). I think Season 7 was decent but overshadowed by how great Season 6 was. Plus DS9 had some of the best major and minor characters- Garak, Kai Winn, Morn:), even Weyoun.
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I have just finished rewatching season 5 again, and to me season 7's finale really tugged and my old heart strings.  I found it the most satisfying finale, and its characters the most fleshed out. 

This thread takes me back to watching Emissary with a mate saying how bored I was it!  I certainly changed my opinion on the show over the years!     :D

I wish I could change my opinions on Enterprise!  I have been trying to watch that show again, and am on only disc 2 season 1 after 2 years!


Just started Season 3 of DS9 on Netflix today by watching the first two episodes "The Search". I enjoyed the first part the best. Especially when the Defiant fired those phasers at the Jem Hadar ships!! AWESOME!!